Longevity - Ageing Population

  • Medical technologies are improving improve to detect diseases at an earlier stage and often offer cure. Further, as safety standard rise on a day-to-day basis, people as a whole are living longer, impacting the traditional death percentage due to accidents of 87%. As a whole the human race is dying at its slowest pace giving rise to huge demands on resources.
  • As child mortality also drops in the emerging markets of Asia and Africa and the Global information asymmetry reduces with te emergence of the internet, people are not only using information to live longer but also are becoming more aware of the types of treatments available worldwide.

Rise of chronic disease due to lifestyle

  • As the human race becomes more sedentary with the rising efficiencies of machines combines with exposure to more complicated marketing that effects lifestyles, chronic diseases such as Heart, Lung, Cancer and diabetes are on the rise as the four top killing disease in the world.
  • The combination of risk factors is also giving rise to a combination of chronic diseases which are making interventions more complicated.

Rise of exponential technologies

  • As computational power increases dramatically it has given rise to exponential technologies that can create solutions with fast decision making processes. Applications of these technologies in the healthcare domain will lead to rapid changes in the way healthcare is delivered in the future.
  • These technologies are also producing huge amounts of ‘Big Data’ which are rapidly enabling more targeted responses to combination disease types.

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